eFront is a leading software provider of solutions dedicated to the financial industry with recognized expertise in Alternative Investments and Risk Management. eFront’s solutions serve major companies in the Private Equity, Real-Estate Investment, Banking, and Insurance sectors. Although eFront products offer many pre-configurations and pre-built reports, they are highly configurable in order to meet the exact needs of the most unique organizations. They are also modular, allowing firms to start with a single capability and to expand to others as needed.

“Lionpoint Group has been a valued implementation partner of eFront for several years.  They have deep FrontInvest product knowledge and complement the eFront project teams by bringing client-side project management, expert business analysis, and a robust methodology.” – Tarek Chouman, CEO, eFront

Key Features

eFront Invest for General Partners

  • Investor Modules: Empower General Partners to have tighter relationships with their investors. eFront Invest’s CRM capabilities help GPs manage prospective and active investors through the investment lifecycle.  The investor modules includes contact management, Microsoft Outlook™ integration, LinkedIn™ integration, fund raising, and investor management.
  • Deal Team Modules: Automate the work of managing investment opportunities, to help your team operate more efficiently, make better investment decisions, and stay on top of investment performance more easily; deal flow management with integrated workflow, portfolio valuation and portfolio management for multiple asset classes such as private equity, real estate, and infrastructure.
  • Fund Management Modules: Automate the back office, with powerful and flexible fund holdings, transactions, accounting and allocation management features.  eFront Invest reduces administrative burdens by automating repetitive and error-prone tasks such as the workflows around capital call and distribution notices.  Fund management capabilities include fund structure modeling, investor allocation, management of fees, and subscriber management.

eFront Invest for Limited Partners

  • Investment modules: Contact management, Microsoft Outlook integration, LinkedIn integration and investment deal flow management with workflow.
  • Portfolio Analysis modules: Empower LPs to make investment decisions optimized for their risk and exposure mandates. Capabilities include dynamic dashboards purpose built to analyze alternative asset investments, private equity benchmarks by Pevara, cash flow forecasting, risk management, and an investee portal to simplify the gathering of financial and non-financial information from the direct investments of the portfolio.
  • Back Office modules: Add rigor, scalability and repeatability to the financial reporting process. Capabilities include fund holdings and transaction management, accounting and an integrated general ledger system.

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Our Expertise

Certified Implementation Partner: Lead the project management efforts to align the client’s needs with the functionality of the eFront product suite, including designing data flows and integrations with other internal solutions

Front Office: Deal Flow, Fund Raising and CRM implementation and maintenance

Middle Office: Portfolio and fund management and Investment Management

Back Office: Accounting, Financial Statements and General Ledger management

Portfolio Monitoring: Implement and optimize FrontPM for portfolio monitoring, compliance and reporting

Portals: Investee and Investor Portals Implementation (EIC, Investment Café)

Report and Dashboard Optimization: Automate Capital Calls, Distribution Notices, Quarterly and Ad-Hoc Reporting

Automate Calculations: Implement complex calculations (e.g. waterfall, management fees, fee waivers, carry) to avoid off-line / manual schedules

Post Implementation Optimization: Validate & optimize your FrontInvest configuration to foster a lean and scalable platform

FrontInvest Upgrade: Support clients through the entire upgrade process to employ new functionality and thoroughly test existing configuration and reports

Integrations with other systems: e.g. Private I, Yardi Voyager, Argus Enterprise, Investran, AltExchange reporting framework