Lionpoint’s Treasury Practice is redefining treasury management solutions in the private markets. We harness state-of-the-art tools and industry experience to deliver first-to-market and comprehensive treasury design and implementation capabilities.

The Treasury Management Landscape

As demands placed on Treasury become increasingly challenging, there is a growing need to leverage technology for better risk management, more stringent controls, and deeper analysis of data. Treasury operating models find themselves in need of modernization to create efficiency and scalability while adapting to continually changing business strategies and environmental landscapes.

Treasury Challenges for Private Markets Firms

Alternative assets organizations today face common obstacles, including

  • Selection of the technology platform that best suits their needs
  • Data governance and quality challenges
  • Implementing optimized platforms capable of supporting business growth
  • Driving adoption of new processes and platforms

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Lionpoint Treasury Team Services and Capabilities

Our Treasury Services

As a leader in the treasury field, Lionpoint’s specialists provide deep technical and industry expertise working on advisory and implementation engagements with the leading products and firms in the industry and around the globe.

Lionpoint’s first-to-market suite of treasury services includes

  • Treasury Technology Implementation

Lionpoint’s experts will guide organizations through the seamless integration of state-of-the-art treasury management systems, enabling real-time visibility into cash positions, streamlined payment workflows, and robust risk management.

  • Risk Management and Compliance

Leveraging deep industry insights, Lionpoint’s Treasury Practice will help businesses mitigate financial risks by designing and implementing effective risk management frameworks and ensuring compliance with ever-evolving regulations.

  • Cash Forecasting and Liquidity Management

Through advanced data analytics and forecasting methodologies, Lionpoint will assist companies in optimizing cash flow, enhancing liquidity management, and making informed investment decisions.

  • Fee Analysis and Negotiation

Lionpoint focuses on the financial services relationships of clients, identifying potential areas for cost optimization and leveraging its market insights to secure advantageous terms that align with the unique dynamics of the alternative investment landscape.

  • Process Transformation

The Treasury Practice will aid organizations in reengineering their treasury processes, enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and maximizing returns on treasury investments.

  • Strategic Advisory Services

Lionpoint’s seasoned consultants will provide strategic guidance to treasury teams, helping them align their financial objectives with broader corporate goals.

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Lionpoint Delivers Solutions

Our treasury capabilities are effective, comprehensive, and business-focused.

  • We offer expert consultation on treasury matters, focusing on people, processes. Benchmarking services provide insights to help you gauge your treasury performance against industry standards.
  • We assist in designing and documenting efficient processes and workflows to enhance your treasury operations.
  • We deliver expertise that extends to data management, migration services, and validation, ensuring smooth transitions and reliable financial data.
  • We provide change management and adoption support to ensure successful integration of new treasury practices.

Transformative Results for Lionpoint Clients

With Lionpoint’s treasury capabilities, clients are positioned for long-term success.

Optimized Working Capital

The system enables organizations to efficiently manage working capital by automating cash positioning, optimizing funding, and managing receivables and payables. This helps free up cash for strategic initiatives and reduces borrowing costs.

Strategic Decision Support

A treasury management system provides data-driven insights and comprehensive reporting, enabling finance teams to support strategic decisions. It assists in evaluating investment opportunities, debt management, and overall financial strategy formulation.

Enhanced Cash Visibility and Forecasting

A robust treasury management system provides real-time insights into cash positions, allowing organizations to accurately forecast cash flows, optimize liquidity management, and make informed financial decisions.

Streamlined Payments and Collections

Automation of payment processes and collections through the system reduces manual errors, accelerates payment cycles, and enhances reconciliation. This leads to improved vendor relationships and customer satisfaction.

Efficient Risk Management

With integrated risk modules, the system enables the identification, assessment, and mitigation of various financial risks such as market, credit, and operational risks. This helps organizations proactively manage risks and comply with regulatory requirements.


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