Global events have brought into short focus the need for infrastructure managers to strengthen their stress-testing and scenario planning processes.

At the same time, the sector is managing the shifting priorities towards sustainability, low carbon and digitalization. Lionpoint helps infrastructure managers and companies address these operational and technology challenges.

Lionpoint is a leading consultant to the alternatives industry, and advise infrastructure investors, funds, operators and developers across complex, multi-jurisdictional projects, enabling them with the vision, processes and technology for optimal performance.

Lionpoint's guide for Infrastructure investment and fund operations

infrastructure investment and fund operations

How we're helping Infrastructure Investors

We’re helping infrastructure investors implement the processes and technology across the front, middle and back office to solve operational pain points and accelerate their growth.

Common challenges we can help you with include:

Reliance on a network of spreadsheets for portfolio monitoring, stress-testing, key metric calculations, and investor data, has become more difficult as firms expand into new asset classes. By setting firms up with an automated data solution for the collection and calculation of operational and financial KPI data, we are giving clients real time visibility at any level (whether corporate, fund, or at the individuals asset level), saving investors time and providing them with powerful data and insights for decision making.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics are coming under increased scrutiny. We help firms implement a streamlined, connected approach to manage the complex data sets against multiple ESG frameworks, and report ESG data with confidence to stakeholders. We achieve this through automating repetitive tasks, connecting data directly from its source to multiple downstream final destinations and reports, and ensuring consistency in data sets throughout the organization.

Financial modeling for operational assets is typically a spreadsheet based approach. At the portfolio level, this poses challenges due to an inherent lack of scalability and a lack of visibility across the portfolio. Lionpoint are enabling firms to significantly speed up re-forecasting times, reduce the reliance on manual files, and enable real-time scenario analysis for firms. This is achieved by supplementing existing models with automated data flows between fund and asset models, or re-building them in powerful new modeling platforms such as Anaplan.

Technology for infrastructure investors

Across a growing number of solutions available to the private markets industry, we have strong partnerships with the leading technology platforms, and industry solutions.

Our team of consultants can advise your firm on its overall technology approach and guide you through the selection and implementation of best-in-class technology solutions.


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