Consolidating data from multiple sources into comprehensive, accurate reports for investors and regulators will be an ongoing requirement of asset managers.

The challenges relating to data management and reporting will always be present for asset management firms. Paginated reports on investment exposure, risk management, performance attribution and benchmarking are an ongoing requirement, and the reporting demands and expectations of regulators and investors continue to increase.

As firms grow, reporting requirements increase in complexity as more is asked of staff and systems that were not designed to ‘talk’ to each other. The key is adopting a technology solution that will continue to evolve with the organization and deliver ongoing value.

With Workiva, Lionpoint’s consultants are helping clients achieve transparent, simplified reporting, that attaches context to data.

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Transform your reporting with workiva

Workiva automatically connects data from various source systems into the necessary format for financial statements, quarterly investor reports, fund books, and internal and external reports and presentations. Calculations and data can be traced back to the source, providing a complete view, improved accuracy, and consistent use of data.

  • Automate the input of data each reporting period, rather than starting from scratch.
  • Quality controls for version control, history, and an audit trail.
  • Integrate structured and unstructured data, including Excel files. Upload text documents that can add insights and rationale to the data.
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Lionpoint's core workiva services

Lionpoint works with clients throughout the Workiva implementation process to streamline otherwise complex processes and solve complicated data challenges, including project definition and scoping, collaboration and project oversight and risk management.

Workiva can be applied to a range of business use cases without the need for technical configuration or customization. Lionpoint’s business analysts provide essential project tasks, including system requirement assessments and configuration, workflow and data collection support, and data governance, validation, and business rules.

Lionpoint ensures the successful integration of Workiva’s reporting functions into your organization, gathering reporting requirements, strategy development, platform configuration to visually display charts and data grids, and best practice advice.

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