Industry: Global Multi-Asset Alternatives Manager
Company Size: US$1.2 Trillion

The Situation

As part of a broader technology transformation, Lionpoint was engaged to lead a CRM system selection and implementation.

A private equity firm approached Lionpoint with a very specific requirement: to implement a CRM system that would serve as a single firm-wide solution for Deal Pipeline Management, Fundraising & Investor Relations, Vendor Management, and Talent Management.

The client had been using a well-known CRM system but it was underutilized and providing little value. This was primarily due to a lack of accountability, and the firm not institutionalizing any process around compliance, user adoption, and how the solution should be used. The firm didn’t produce any of its reporting out of the system and was therefore unable to view its investor relationships, fundraising, or deal pipelines.

Collaboration across teams was difficult without a mechanism to share individual interactions and the firm lacked a talent repository for tracking potential executives at portfolio companies. Without a single source of truth for information, contacts, and talent planning, the firm was missing out on the chance to optimize its tremendous growth and success opportunities.

The Approach

Lionpoint guided the selection and implementation of a CRM system with sharply defined processes across the entire business.

Lionpoint took a methodical approach to understanding the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders by interviewing team leaders, and documenting their requirements, pain points, and principle challenges.

Given the issues around user adoption, we guided the client through the selection of a CRM system that was essentially a ‘plug-and-play’ solution that didn’t need much customization and configuration to get it up and running. We collaborated with the solution vendor, DealCloud, on design, data migration, report development, and training to ensure total coverage of the client’s requirements, and defined the data strategy for data points that overlapped with existing systems: Preqin, Investran, and Data Exchange.

To overcome the issues surrounding user adoption, we developed training guides, process flows, and a brochure to market the CRM internally. Additionally, we initiated contextualized training sessions for different parts of the business to promote exactly what value each team would get out of using the system.

The Impact

A single source of truth for deals, contacts, and interactions across the firm has enabled scale and rapid growth.

The new CRM offers senior management an instant view of the updated deal and fundraising pipelines, with a single set of robust contacts and interactions built out and shared across the teams, enabling a more coordinated contact management strategy.

On the investor relations side, the system offers a holistic view of investor relationships spanning co-investments, discretionary, and non-discretionary investments, enabling our client to view each investor’s profile individually, and in one location. On the deal side of the house, the “single source of truth” capability of the system offers insights into the best and worse deal sources, allowing the deal team to quickly understand the relationships that they want to invest in.

The new CRM system has allowed our client to scale its processes, add more deal teams, and build out the organization. New funds have been launched and assets under management have grown significantly, propelling its growth by a factor of three.

Private Equity

Company Size
US $25 Billion

Project Team
8 people

Project Duration
5 months

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