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Lionpoint Group works with our Alternative Investments clients in addressing manager and investor requirements for greater transparency into underlying portfolio companies and investment holdings. Primary services include process optimization, operational efficiency improvements and the implementation of enabling technologies. iLEVEL, a middle-office solution, supports collection, validation, normalization, performance reporting and analytics for the Private Capital asset class.  Lionpoint Group’s Portfolio Monitoring, Compliance & Reporting Service team has extensive iLEVEL product experience working with fund managers and institutional investors.

Lionpoint Group offers an array of services around the iLEVEL solution.

iLEVEL Implementation Services

Our team has deep iLEVEL implementation experience.  We have a true partnership approach with our clients and iLEVEL resources, from project planning and design through process optimization, identifying all disparate data sources, template design, data cleansing and migration, report and dashboard development, testing, training and finally Go Live.

Project Management:

Our project managers draw upon prior iLEVEL experience to help our client manage the project and mitigate risks, including:

  • Creating an environment of collaboration between team members (vendor, client, consultant) all aligned to one objective – a successful project delivery
  • Work with the business and stakeholders to ensure definition of complete and accurate business requirements at the start of the project with appropriate checks and balances (as requirements and priorities will change)
  • Project oversight and risk management are designed to ensure that project activities are managed, controlled, coordinated, supervised, and focused on the goals and objectives of the project

Business Analysis and Data Collection:

Very often clients are thin on resources available to dedicate themselves to a full deployment project – our BAs are an extension of the client team and provide a collaborative and critical resource to ensure the project stays on track and has the greatest chance of success.  We support our client’s team with business analysts who know both the product and our client’s business and undertake essential project tasks like the following:

  • Conduct system requirements and configuration to new operating model leveraging iLEVEL
  • Upload historical data through the robust iLEVEL Excel Add-in and/or data collection templates
  • Support workflow and data collection process through ongoing data collection templates
  • Strict data governance, validation, and business rules ensure clean data is approved before being uploaded into the product data store.

Reporting Design and Configuration:

The iLEVEL platform is extremely flexible, meaning that a vast array of online dashboards and Excel reports can be configured to meet the needs of GPs, LPs, and the different user groups.  Understanding the iLEVEL platform capabilities is critical to helping clients determine the most appropriate reporting IR strategy for their business and building out dashboards and reports with the right levels of flexibility.  Reporting functions include:

  • Determining reporting requirements and strategy to meet the needs of all business stakeholders
  • ”iLEVEL Enable” new and existing reports with the Excel Add-In
  • Configure Web Analytics Portal and iPad Application to visually display charts and data grids
  • Leverage best practices with other clients through our  partnership with iLEVEL

Training with iLEVEL University:

All Lionpoint Group resources are iLEVEL Partner Trained and Certified.

iLEVEL University offers a complete program of professional training services built to serve their clients. Lionpoint Group works alongside the iLEVEL training team dedicated to helping clients get comfortable with working with a new platform and empowering them with the knowledge they need to get the most out of iLEVEL (source: iLEVEL)

iLEVEL Upgrades:

Too often companies implement software solutions then get caught up in day-to-day business operations and don’t keep up to date with new features and functionality releases from business models and priorities change, meaning that the way a software application was implemented could be misaligned with strategic objectives and tactical requirements.  At Lionpoint Group we keep abreast of iLEVEL’s product developments as well as networking with iLEVEL clients to stay informed about better practices and new developments.  Working with iLEVEL, our team translates this into a roadmap to help legacy iLEVEL clients map their current requirements to the iLEVEL platform, develop an upgrade and migration plan, and most importantly migrate data and reports to the new functionalities and enhancements.  Specific activities undertaken during any upgrade include:

  • Update the core business requirements with a focus on what has changed
  • Map the latest features and functionality available in iLEVEL to the business requirements
  • Review any new functionality and conduct design sessions to determine the optimum configuration to meet the business requirements
  • Develop a data migration strategy, leveraging scripts for more efficient data transfer where appropriate
  • Identify data gaps and a plan to fill those, including any adjustments to the  iLEVEL data collection templates
  • Identify changes to dashboards and reports and make the necessary report configuration updates
  • Create and execute test plans to ensure the upgrade has been effectively carried out and the new features are operating as expected the vendor.

About iLEVEL

The iLEVEL platform is a market-leading cloud-based solution that allows private capital managers of all asset types to optimize their data collection processes so that their focus can remain on generating returns for their investors. The number of firms on iLEVEL includes alternative investment firms of varying sizes that employ a wide range of investment strategies including Real Estate, Credit and Venture Capital. (source: iLEVEL)

Products include:

iLEVEL for GPs

Fund managers on iLEVEL can streamline the data collection process so that they can better optimize portfolio performance, more easily prepare regulatory filings, run valuations more quickly and report to their investors in a complete and timely fashion. (source: iLEVEL)

iLEVEL for LPs

With iLEVEL for Limited Partners, collecting complete and accurate fund, underlying holding/asset and cash transaction data is fast, easy automated and templated. (source: iLEVEL)

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