Strategic Advisory


Lionpoint enables private markets firms to grow efficiently and profitably. We use our unrivaled knowledge of the industry to accelerate our clients’ definitions of an enterprise target state and deliver an actionable roadmap to achieve their business transformation objectives.

Strategic Advisory Challenges for Private Markets Firms

Complexity in Business Transformation

Streamlining and accelerating business transformation initiatives amid industry complexity and evolving market dynamics.

Operating Model Inefficiencies

Addressing operational inefficiencies and  scalability inhibitors across people, process, data, and technology to enable efficient growth and profitability in private markets firms.

Strategic Decision-Making

Providing strategic insights and actionable recommendations to drive informed decision-making and achieve enterprise transformation objectives.

Effective Program Delivery

Ensuring successful program delivery and change management throughout the enterprise transformation process, driving sustainable outcomes and organizational resilience.

As a leader in Strategic Advisory, Lionpoint provides deep technical and industry expertise

Our specialists work on advisory and implementation engagements with the leading products and firms in the industry and around the globe.

  • Target Operating Model Design
  • New Product, Capability or Market Advisory
  • Peer Analysis and Market Intelligence
  • Enterprise Transformation Advisory

Lionpoint Delivers Transformative Results

Optimized Operating Models

Tailored enterprise target operating models drive operational excellence and adaptability, ensuring alternative investment firms thrive in dynamic market landscapes.

Innovative Product and Market Insights

Strategic advisory services provide actionable intelligence for new product, capability, or market expansions, empowering firms to identify opportunities and drive sustainable growth.

Actionable Intelligence and Competitive Advantage

Comprehensive peer analysis and marketing intelligence deliver competitive advantage, equipping firms with the insights needed to capitalize on market dynamics and make informed decisions.

Holistic Enterprise Transformation

Holistic guidance enables alternative investment firms to navigate complex transformations, driving agility, innovation, and long-term success across their organizations.

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What we deliver

We help clients define their enterprise target state and develop a roadmap for business transformation. Our approach involves conducting a detailed current state assessment to identify pain points and scalability limiters, followed by collaborative target operating model design sessions. This process enables us to define a future state that addresses current gaps and challenges, providing clients with an actionable roadmap to achieve their business transformation objectives efficiently and profitably.

We address all strategic considerations and operational enhancements required for launching a new product, fund, or strategy. Lionpoint conducts impact assessments to evaluate the strategic implications of new product launches, identifying operational enhancements required for successful implementation. Our approach includes quantitative assessments of operational metrics against industry benchmarks, as well as qualitative evaluations of vendor product offerings against relevant peers, ensuring that your new initiatives are aligned with market standards and best practices.

We Work Across Alternatives

Private Equity

Our expertise in private equity operations and our track record of implementing best-in-class technology solutions.

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Private Credit & Liquid Debt

Lionpoint helps Credit managers navigate the nuance of private credit, liquid debt, and structured products to help build a scalable and profitable organization

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Real Assets

Lionpoint partners with Real Asset clients to navigate critical business transitions, driving growth through strategic insights and innovative solutions

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With the following clients

General Partners

We help align intersection of technology and operations transformation to support.

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Limited Partners

We work with our clients to build out their ecosystem by driving optimization of operation and technological processes and systems.

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Fund Administrators

Supporting our clients enabling technology solutions that service their client base.

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Financial Institutions

Our strength in financial services consulting is enabling businesses with the processes and tools to support their strategic growth.

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Lionpoint Core Capabilities

Target Operating Model

Process Design and Optimisation

System Review and Selection

Organisation Design

Peer Benchmarking and Market Intelligence

Enterprise Transformation

Improve operational efficiency, risk management, and strategic oversight with Lionpoint’s Strategic Advisory team, to successfully drive value creation.

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