Enterprise Data Management


Lionpoint’s data practice understands that today’s technology landscape relies on core platforms, but it is your data strategy, goevernance frameworks, cloud solutions, dynamic reporting, and advanced analytics that truly elevate your operations to new heights.

Does your firm have these challenges?

Fragmented Data Sources

Private markets firms often struggle with data fragmentation due to the use of disparate systems and platforms across various departments, leading to siloed data and inefficiencies in data management.

Lack of Standardization

The absence of standardized data formats and definitions poses a significant challenge, making it difficult to aggregate, analyze, and compare data consistently across different business units or portfolio companies.

Data Quality Issues

Private markets firms data is often plagued by quality issues such as inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and incompleteness, which can undermine decision-making processes and erode trust in data-driven insights.

Limited Visibility and Access

Accessing timely and comprehensive data remains a challenge for many private market firms, hampering their ability to gain actionable insights and respond effectively to market dynamics and investor demands.

Our Offerings

  • Achieve scalable growth through process automation & data integrity
  • Greater transparency and visibility through improved reporting and dashboards
  • Mitigate costly errors and resources spent to correct them
  • Foster a data-driven culture and increase operational efficiency
  • Identifying trends and patterns to drive predictable business growth and innovation
  • Secure and monitor valuable IP from cyber threats

Key benefits to our credit operations services

Increased Automation & Efficiency​

Streamlined Workflow

Confidence in Data Quality, supporting business outcomes​

Risk Mitigation & Controls​

Faster, Smoother implementations led by Experienced Teams​

Insights Through Analytics​

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Our areas of capabilities

Tactical Advisory Services

System selection, peer benchmarking and health checks, data governance.

Strategic Advisory Services

Current state assessments, future state recommendations and target operating model based on your business requirements, data strategy and data capability assessments.

Data Management

Assist or lead in data migration, transformation and sanitization activities. Transition existing or constructing new reports and workflows.

Implementation Services

Tailor an out-of-the-box experience to one matching the way you operate via requirements discovery and gathering, system configuration, project/program management.

Post-Implementation Support

Provide training sessions and change management controls, supplying interim external resources through managed services agreements.

Why Lionpoint?

Industry Experts

We specialise in alternative investment management. Understanding market trends and practices.

Technology Experts

We are technology subject matter experts. Keeping our clients one step ahead by being at the forefront of technology developments, new technologies and new entrants.

Unique Approach

We combine industry and technology expertise into one service offering.

Expert Methodology

We can rapidly deploy our proven templates and methodologies to accelerate sustainable change.

Technology Solutions

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We Work Across Alternatives

Private Equity

Lionpoint helps private equity clients navigate complex operations by leveraging our expertise and track record of implementing best-in-class technology solutions to optimize performance and drive growth.

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Private Credit & Liquid Debt

Lionpoint helps credit managers navigate the complexities of private credit, liquid debt, and structured products, enabling them to build scalable and profitable organizations.

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Real Assets

Lionpoint partners with Real Asset clients to navigate critical business transitions, driving growth through strategic insights and innovative solutions.

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With the following clients

General Partners

We help align intersection of technology and operations transformation to support.

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Limited Partners

We work with our clients to build out their ecosystem by driving optimization of operation and technological processes and systems.

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Fund Administrators

Supporting our clients enabling technology solutions that service their client base.

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Financial Institutions

Our strength in financial services consulting is enabling businesses with the processes and tools to support their strategic growth.

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Lionpoint Core Capabilities

Target Operating Model

Process Design and Optimisation

System Review and Selection

Organisation Design

System Implementation

Peer Benchmarking and Market Intelligence

Enterprise Transformation

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