Property Management, Accounting and Operations


Lionpoint helps real estate firms set up strategic operating models to ensure they can effectively manage their property portfolios.

Property Management, Accounting and Operations Challenges for Private Markets Firms

Lack of Integration

Siloed systems result in poor communication and coordination between different aspects of property management, such as accounting, operations, and tenant management.

Data Fragmentation

Clients struggle with disparate data sources, hindering efficient property portfolio management and reporting.

Inefficient Processes

Manual processes and outdated systems lead to inefficiencies and errors in property management accounting and operations.

Data Migration Complexity

The complexity of migrating data from legacy systems poses challenges, risking data integrity and accuracy during the transition.

As a leader in Property Management, Accounting and Operations, Lionpoint provides deep technical and industry expertise

Our specialists work on advisory and implementation engagements with the leading products and firms in the industry and around the globe.

  • Assessment and Planning: assess the client’s current property management processes, systems, and needs & develop a plan for implementing the software
  • Software Selection: assist in selecting the appropriate software package based on the client’s needs
  • Customization and Configuration: align with the client’s specific business processes and requirements
  • Data Migration: oversee the migration of data, ensuring data integrity and accuracy throughout the migration process.
  • Training and Support
  • Integration with Other Systems
  • Optimization and Continuous Improvement: refining processes, implementing new features or modules, or addressing any challenges that arise during day-to-day operations.

What we deliver

We help clients efficiently manage their property portfolio, including accounting and operations. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of current property management processes, systems, and needs. From there, we develop a tailored plan for implementing software solutions that streamline property management, accounting, and operations. This includes assisting in software selection, customization, configuration, data migration, training, and ongoing support to ensure optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

We ensure that the software selected aligns with clients’ specific business processes and requirements. We prioritize customization and configuration to align the software with clients’ unique business processes and requirements. Our team works closely with them to understand their workflows, preferences, and objectives. Through careful customization and configuration, we ensure that the software enhances clients’ operations and supports their strategic goals effectively.

We ensure data integrity and accuracy during the data migration process. Because data migration is a critical aspect of our services, we take meticulous steps to ensure data integrity and accuracy throughout the migration process. Our team oversees the migration process, conducting thorough checks and validations to verify the accuracy of the migrated data. We also provide training and support to client staff to ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruptions to their operations.

Technology Solutions

Lionpoint Delivers Transformative Results

Optimized Credit Operations

We specialize in optimizing credit operations, fostering strong client relationships and maximizing cash flow through streamlined transactions and strategic investment guidance

Operational Efficiency

Our expertise in credit operations drives cost-saving opportunities and enhances revenue streams for our clients, ensuring efficient processes and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Strategic Insights

Through tailored credit reporting and innovative solutions, we provide our clients with the strategic insights needed to maximize asset value and drive growth in their credit operations.

Transformational Leadership

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and expert guidance, we assist our clients in credit operations through complex transformations, optimizing workflows and maximizing operational effectiveness.

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Lionpoint Core Capabilities

Target Operating Model

Process Design and Optimisation

System Review and Selection

Organisation Design

System Implementation

Peer Benchmarking and Market Intelligence

Enterprise Transformation

Improve operational efficiency, risk management, and strategic oversight with Lionpoint’s Property Management, Accounting and Operations team, to successfully drive value creation.

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