Industry: Global Multi-Asset Alternatives Manager
Company Size: US$1.2 Trillion

The Situation

An investment management firm needed to improve the way it managed and shared its data, and chose Lionpoint as its preferred and trusted partner

A global investment management firm wanted to undergo a major data and technology transformation initiative, to centralize data and provide greater visibility to users and stakeholders.

Lionpoint introduced the client to Anaplan as a solution for budgeting, forecasting, and scenario analysis, as well as Yardi Voyager, to be used as its core property management and accounting platform.

Lionpoint used their vast experience of Yardi Voyager to demonstrate what the two platforms could achieve together, their ease of integration, and Anaplan’s fit with the client’s overall technology ecosystem. Lionpoint’s deep real estate industry knowledge and understanding of how Anaplan’s capabilities could solve the client’s business challenges, standardize processes across the company, and remove the need for hundreds of spreadsheets secured the deal and ongoing partnership.

The Approach

Eradicating a siloed, Excel-based environment in favor of an agile, flexible, and efficient cloud-based solution

The client’s organization worked in a siloed Excel environment where each team used spreadsheets in a slightly different way. This approach was time-consuming, prone to human error, and meant that asset plans could not be directly compared. Standardizing processes across the business was critical.

Laying solid foundations is fundamental to a system implementation’s success, so time was spent in workshops identifying the client’s needs, and outlining the target state operating model, calculations, and processes. Adopting an Agile methodology, Lionpoint regularly circled back to the client for approval, to ensure all functionalities were well defined. In close collaboration with the client, Lionpoint built custom models specifically adapted to in-house business processes before moving on to end-to-end testing.

Once tested and developed, Lionpoint released the models to the company and its property managers to use. As well as applying their expertise in system selection and implementation, Lionpoint helped the company with its change management to ensure the project’s success. To support user adoption, Lionpoint ran a training program for internal staff and external stakeholders, and provided a help desk to answer any questions.

The Impact

A structured and connected data solution with a single version of the truth, allowing the global investment house to achieve greater transparency

An integrated data solution with Yardi Voyager dataflows, and bespoke Anaplan models, has provided our client with the ultimate in simplicity, visibility, and transparency. These two systems have become central to the core vision of the firm’s global data transformation. and Asset Controllers can view all their assets in one place, and have visibility into

Data uploading is scheduled and automated, eliminating the need to chase team members for the latest data updates and the risk of losing asset property information. Information can be aggregated so multiple assets can be viewed without the need to collate disparate spreadsheets manually.

Access to the platform can be securely provided to external parties, such as property managers and asset valuers. The previous process to update figures was cumbersome, static, and time-consuming: the technology ecosystem is now collaborative, quick, and efficient.

Phase 1 of this project was centered in Europe, with phase 2 looking to roll-out across the client’s global offices. While Lionpoint built one Anaplan model for all geographic regions and asset classes as part of this project​, future customizations can be built in as required based on the differing needs of the firm’s global stakeholders.

Real Estate Asset Management

Company Size
US $650 Billion AUM

Project Team
2 people

Project Duration
6 months

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Executive Director, Real Assets

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