Industry: Global Multi-Asset Alternatives Manager
Company Size: US$1.2 Trillion

The Situation

A global multi-asset alternatives manager expanded its business through acquisitions, resulting in a disconnected and inefficient client experience

An acquisition and incomplete integration of the companies had resulted in a disparate and dislocated client experience across the firm’s investment strategies. Inefficiencies arose from the way the firm engaged with its clients across multiple investor portals, and how information was communicated. Data and reporting were difficult to access, making it almost impossible for the firm to understand its individual client situations, deliver accurate and concise reports of its clients’ investment positioning, and offer targeted cross-selling opportunities.

As the firm was seeking to expand its business, it chose Lionpoint to deliver a long-term, scalable operating model redesign of its technologies, data, and processes to support its growth.

The Approach

An operating assessment to determine gaps and set the future plan for people, processes, and technology

Lionpoint undertook an operating assessment in three phases: Current State Analysis, Future State Design, and an Implementation Plan.

1. Current State

Across five functional areas in Real Estate and Private Credit, and 50+ detailed stakeholder interviews, 23 operational gaps and 28 high-level business requirements were identified.

Common themes emerged:

      • Manual data consolidation and reconciliation via Excel due to insufficient operational infrastructure
      • Limited accessibility to real-time data due to dependence on fund administrators
      • Misaligned roles and responsibilities existed across Alternatives functions
      • Point-in-time tactical solutions due to siloed data ownership within a function
      • Client touchpoints were fragmented throughout the lifecycle of an investor

2. The Future State business requirements would need to ensure:

      • A consistent strategy and methodology for collecting, managing and governing data.
      • A ‘single source of truth’ to consolidate client investment and account level data in one central location.
      • A front-end reporting platform to display the client’s entire investment ecosystem that would enhance the client experience, enable targeted cross-selling opportunities, and allow for scalability.

3. Implementation Plan

For each of the business requirements identified, Lionpoint created a matrix of proposed alignment areas that mapped to potential business outcomes. These in turn related to a large number of recommended projects to bring the client to its desired future state of data alignment and consolidation, and the ability to scale the business.

To enable the client to optimize the roadmap process, Lionpoint created a prioritization matrix of all proposed projects, weighing up the importance of each project to the business against its difficulty to realize.

Plotted on a matrix, each project is given a priority ranking, allowing the client to adopt a methodology for sequencing the project implementation.

The Impact

A blueprint for growth, transformational impact, innovation, and efficiency

Two years after the operational assessment, Lionpoint is involved in the client’s ongoing, and hugely successful digital transformation. The client has enabled real-time AUM, NAV, and LP financial transparency and has created a scalable accounting platform.

Having a clear roadmap that assessed each technology option and recommended next steps enabled the client to move forward confidently in their digital transformation to enhance their client experience and support the growth of the business.

Global Multi-Asset Alternatives Manager

Company Size
US $1.2 Trillion

Project Team
4 people

Project Duration
6 months

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