Transforming Infrastructure Funds and Investments


The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for infrastructure funds to be able to run ‘what-if?’ scenarios to monitor exposures on behalf of investors and drive decisions and outcomes in real time when dealing with long term complex assets.

Lionpoint partners with Anaplan to enable infrastructure funds and investments to automate processes, integrate data and drive dynamic real-time updates to their calculations, modeling and forecasting.


The Lionpoint and Anaplan advantage

As an Anaplan Gold Partner, Lionpoint is recognized for developing its own IP in the implementation and integration of Anaplan’s technology into the existing systems of our clients. Anaplan is a cloud-based platform, used to orchestrate business performance, and connect critical operational drivers and financial outcomes to drive growth, optimization, efficiency and continuity.

Combined with the deep industry expertise of our consultants, we’re empowering our clients with industry-specific Anaplan models that address company challenges, across budgeting and forecasting, investment, fund and waterfall modeling, operational asset modeling and other key areas of the infrastructure investment life cycle.


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