Interview with Jonathan Balkin for Private Equity Accounting Insights

August 09, 2021

Lionpoint Co-Founder, Jonathan Balkin, spoke to Mariya Stefanova of Private Equity Accounting Insights for the release of the PEAI Carry Directory, a definitive guide to ‘all things carry’.

The PEAI Carry Directory is a definitive guide to ‘all things carry’ – from designing or certifying Excel-based waterfall models to finding an automated platform to run waterfalls and/or carry allocation & carry plans on (for GPs/PE Managers), or to finding a carry/fee validation solution (for LPs/Investors in Private Equity).

For the launch of the PEAI Carry Directory, Lionpoint Co-Founder and Executive Director, Jonathan Balkin, answered a few questions, such as how Anaplan shines against Excel when it comes to better, faster calculations and forecasts, and top tips for GPs to organize their data in preparation for building their waterfalls.

Read the interview here.

JB interview PEAI

The PEAI Global Directory of Carried Interest Products

As a leading provider of technology and operations consulting services to the private equity industry, Lionpoint is proud to contribute to the PEAI Global Directory of Carried Interest Products & Services, ‘PEAI Carry Directory’.

“We would like to thank our sponsor Colmore, as well as our first-close contributors Lionpoint Group, PFA Solutions, qashqade, and GPX, for their extraordinary support and contribution to the Carry Directory, and for helping us create this club of exceptional industry leaders in carried interest, waterfalls and fee validation. Our objective is to achieve excellence in this area in order to support better transparency and alignment of interest between GPs and LPs, and do that in a spirit of great cooperation.” says Mariya Stefanova, Founding Partner of PEAI and best-selling author of specialist private equity accounting, investor reporting and carried interested books.

The PEAI Carry Directory is available in a pdf and electronic format: