Never has so much data been generated, and in demand. Without the right technology and processes in place, teams are spending more time compiling documents and spreadsheets than analyzing data and adding value.

In this webinar, we look at what tools the leading REITs and Investment Managers are using to streamline data flows from asset level to portfolio, sector, ownership entity and ultimately to the client.

Topics that are covered:

  • How leading REITs and Investment Managers are gaining efficiency, insights and mitigating risks by streamlining data flows.
  • What is keeping Managers up at night?
  • How are platforms like Anaplan revolutionizing planning, forecasting, and overall investment management processes for the real estate industry?

Panel Speakers:

Henri Wajsblat, Director, Head of Financial Solutions, Anaplan

Nick Moore, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Lionpoint

Andrew Petrik, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, 151 Property

Scott Nash, GM, Technology, 151 Property

Josh Goodwin, Chief Operating Officer, Revantage Asia


Duration: 50 mins

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Revolutionising the real-estate industry: Streamlining data flows for planning, forecasting and investment management

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