Voyanta’s real estate database and analytics software is designed to meet the specific needs of real estate investors and lenders. Voyanta consolidates data from multiple source systems, helps avoid potentially costly mistakes with powerful data verification, and provides comprehensive, flexible reporting for discovering new insights. This product supports the real estate investment asset class for managers, investors, asset managers and third party operators. This middle-office solution delivers BI capabilities built on a structured data model for data collection, validation, normalization and governance for performance reporting and analytics. Lionpoint Group is Certified Implementation Partner and offers an array of services around the Voyanta product suite.

Key Features

  • All of Your Data in One Place: Consolidate data from any source, internal or external, into a centralized single source of the truth.
  • Powerful Analytics: Access your data any time, any place, with flexible online dashboards and reports and powerful MS Excel integration
  • Information You Can Rely On: Make fact-based decisions, with confidence, knowing that your analysis is based on complete and accurate information.
  • Security and Peace of Mind: Encrypted data behind secured access, leverage best practice security infrastructure and high user availability with multiple backups

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Our Expertise

Certified Implementation Partner: Lionpoint Group is a certified implementation partner for Voyanta

Project Management: Lead the project management efforts to align the client’s needs with the functionality of the Voyanta solution, including designing data flows and integrations with other internal solutions

Data Collection Process Design and Delivery: Lead the business process workflow optimization and partner training to deploy Voyanta’s data collection tools, enabling you to gather information from multiple source systems and operating partners

Data Governance Structure: Lead the data governance design and structure in Voyanta to ensure data is streamlined, validated, and optimized for fund, portfolio and individual investment management and reporting requirements

Analytics and Reporting: Work with clients to design critical dashboards and reports, tailored to your needs and use cases, using the Voyanta Excel Add-In and native dashboards. We have developed a suite of asset management dashboards for all asset classes that can be tailored and integrated into the Voyanta BI layer