SimCorp provides an integrated front-to-back investment management system, providing clients with a real-time overview of their entire business in one system, enabling them to make better investment decisions.  Central to SimCorp's platform is an in-built investment book of record (IBOR) ensuring the same set of data and providing one version of the truth.

Key Features

  • Front Office: Automated front office workflows; Real-time intraday positions with a built-in IBOR; Risk, performance, and accounting analytics available in the front office; Broad asset and instruments coverage including alternative investments
  • Middle Office: Mapping and measuring of the impact of realized investment decisions; Automated performance reports and information support to your front office; A transparent and complete view on your firm’s exposure; Comprehensive performance dashboards and benchmarks
  • Back Office: Automating previously time-consuming, labor-intensive, and manual processes; Providing up-to-date and scalable functionality that comply with industry standards and regulations; Offering multiple accounting and tax frameworks that support globalization
  • Data & Reporting: Maximize the value of your data and deliver one version of the truth from front to back; Provide clean and accurate data for reporting and analysis; Automate and enrich your client communication and reporting to enhance client service and ensure regulatory compliance

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Our Expertise

Implementation: We define the optimum solution design and support from project planning and phasing through configuration, data migration, report development, testing and final go live

Project Management: ensure that project activities are managed, controlled, coordinated, supervised, and focused on the goals and objectives of the project

Business Analysis: Documentation of all design decisions and the new operating model leveraging the software and developing and executing test plans

Data Migration: Supporting the data migration process, from data cleansing to population of data import templates and ultimately testing of that data in the new system

Reporting Design and Configuration: We understand the platform’s capabilities, helping client’s determine the most appropriate reporting strategy for their business - building custom reports by function or business role.