RealPage's Portfolio Asset Management supports the real estate investment asset class for real estate executives, portfolio and asset management owners, advisors, and asset managers. This middle-office solution delivers BI capabilities built on a structured data model for data collection and validation for performance reporting and analytics. Lionpoint Group is Certified Implementation Partner and offers an array of services around the RealPage product suite.

Key Features

  • Portfolio at your Fingertips: Portfolio Asset Management collects and reports property financials, budgets, and forecasts, leasing and other operating statistics, deal and leasing pipelines, capital budgets, loan details, documents, and much, much more.
  • Designed for Professionals: Portfolio Asset Management is designed specifically for real estate investment firms and asset management professionals, with tools that support the relationships, reporting, and diverse technology unique to those firms.
  • Flexible and Feature Packed: Portfolio Asset Management works with any property accounting system, and with its real-time alerts, workflow management, and intuitive browser-based interface, it’s the industry’s most powerful real estate portfolio reporting solution.
  • Safe and Secure: Portfolio Asset Management provides a secure environment for sharing information with operating partners, investors, property managers, and brokers. Users see only those properties to which they’ve been granted access.

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Our Expertise

Certified Implementation Partner: Lionpoint Group is a certified implementation partner for RealPage

Asset Class Configuration: Define asset class specific financial and operational performance metrics

Data Collection Workflow: Structure, streamline, validate and optimize your investment reporting process

Analytics and Reporting Optimization: Better analyze and view asset performance with Portfolio Explorer, custom configured Dashboards, and a comprehensive collection of standard reports

Preconfigured Real Estate Dashboard: We have developed a suite of asset management dashboards for all asset classes that can be tailored and integrated into your implementation of the Real Page solution

Native Integration: Enablement of workflow between the many accounting and other 3rd party systems making it possible to transfer data directly without the need for building complex

Performance Benchmarks: Access to powerful portfolio and asset level performance benchmarks with Real Page