FIS (SunGard) Investran is an integrated private equity software suite that automates front, middle, and back-office processes for private equity firms, including general partners, limited partners, service providers, fund of funds, and family offices. Covering the entire investment life cycle, Investran offers accounting, relationship management and partnership accounting functionality. Lionpoint Group is one of only two global Certified Implementation Partners of FIS Investran and offers an array of services around the Investran product suite.

Key Features

  • Accounting: Investran is the system of record for funds, investments, and investors and offers extensive capability for accounting, automating complex processes, managing relationships, monitoring investments, tracking opportunities and reporting.
  • Report Optimization: Automate Capital Call / Distribution Notices, Quarterly and Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Automate Calculations: Implement complex calculations (e.g. waterfall, management fees, fee waivers) to avoid off-line / manual schedules
  • Tax Accounting Books: Implement tax (or other) accounting basis into your Investran environment
  • Investran’s Data Exchange offers customizable portals with a rich, intuitive reporting experience for sharing documents and data. It also serves as a multi-directional portal, allowing rms to collect information and receive updates through the portal.
  • Investran’s Insight is a complete end-to-end platform for interactive reporting, advanced analytics and data visualization. It is seamlessly integrated with Investran and offers an open architecture for integrating with other data sources to create a uni ed, comprehensive reporting platform across the enterprise.
  • Investran’s Limited Partner Solutions provides a specialized data management and reporting service for private equity investors. The solution encompasses data collection and processing, performance and exposure analysis, dashboards and analytics.

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Our Expertise

Certified Implementation Partner: We are a global certified implementation partner for FIS Investran. Our services provide independent project management to ensure business requirements are met and objectives are delivered

Post Implementation Optimization: Validate & optimize your Investran configuration (e.g. fund structure, accounting model and hierarchies) to foster a lean and scalable platform 

Leverage ATs, BEs and ARs: Configure the existing suite of Active Templates / Business Events / Allocation Rules to your environment or create new ATs / ARs to streamline events

Upgrades: Support clients through the entire upgrade process to employ new functionality and thoroughly test existing configuration and reports.

Integrations with other systems: e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, eFront, MRI, Dynamo, Baxon, iLevel, Yardi, Wall Street Office