The DealCloud platform is designed specifically for alternative investment deal professionals to seamlessly execute their fundraising, sourcing and deal management strategies on a single, best of breed, platform.

Key Features

  • Sourcing & Origination: DealCloud gives you the capabilities to leverage your institutional knowledge – and success – across your team; ensuring they find the right people, deliver the right message and participate in winnable deals
  • Fundraising: DealCloud will allow your fundraising and investor relations teams to succinctly convey how your firm uses insights from past deals to generate great future returns
  • Sponsor / Intermediary Coverage: Sponsor / Intermediary coverage is built into the core design of the DealCloud platform because it is a core capability required by deal professionals
  • Institutional Knowledge: The DealCloud platform allows you to create an indelible footprint of each touch across all relationships the firm values. All information regarding coverage, meetings and deals you advise on are maintained in the system and remain accessible to the firm.
  • Relationship Management: The DealCloud platform is architected to manage the complex relationships that exist around each company. It helps deal professionals quickly determine which relationships are providing the most influence around each opportunity.
  • Single Source: Built into the DealCloud platform’s design is the capability to deliver a single source of truth to deal professionals. This means not only exceptional functionality to manage and execute deals, but also the ability to easily connect with external solutions like the Microsoft Office suite, marketing automation systems and third party data providers.
  • Mobile: A great deal execution mobile app delivers just in time data and information about potential targets, active deals in the pipeline and investor activity.

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Our Expertise

Implementation: We define the optimum solution design and support from project planning and phasing through configuration, data migration, report development, testing and final go live

Project Management: ensure that project activities are managed, controlled, coordinated, supervised, and focused on the goals and objectives of the project

Business Analysis: Documentation of all design decisions and the new operating model leveraging the software and developing and executing test plans

Data Migration: Supporting the data migration process, from data cleansing to population of data import templates and ultimately testing of that data in the new system

Reporting Design and Configuration: We understand the platform’s capabilities, helping client’s determine the most appropriate reporting strategy for their business - building custom reports by function or business role.