Anaplan combines an unrivalled planning and modeling engine, predictive analytics, and cloud collaboration into one simple interface for business users. Across all lines of the private capital business, including finance, investor relations, portfolio management, operations, executive committee planning and HR, Anaplan connects performance data with business strategy and processes. Lionpoint Group is the Anaplan Global Certified Partner for Alternative Investments.

Key Features for Private Equity

  • Financial Planning and Analysis: Streamline management annual budgeting and planning processes; automate financial consolidations across legal entities; improve portfolio company planning and reporting as well as enable better profitability forecasting, cost allocations, balance sheet and cash planning
  • Deal Underwriting, Valuations: Create granular acquisition underwriting and debt financing models with full data traceability and transparency; provide tailored investment valuations; access enhanced acquisition, LBO, M&A modeling and sale realization planning tools
  • Operations and Cash Flow Forecasting: Roll-up cash flows from a portfolio company event or hypothetical liquidation to model out, in real-time, impacts on returns and distribution; optimize portfolio analytics and forecasting capabilities as well as operations and project planning; streamline and automate complex management company cashflow forecasting
  • Waterfall, Promote Modeling: Automate complex carry structures with multi-tier waterfalls; better analyse fund, portfolio and investment performance; consolidate through multiple legal entity structures
  • Investor Relations: Integrate performance reporting and analytics with enhanced fundraising and deal flow forecasting capabilities and investor territory stratification
  • Human Capital Planning: Models with workflow engine to initiate approvals as well as costs by region, line of business and grade; visualize organisation modeling; provide incentive compensation modeling and forecasting and workforce planning and analytics

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Key Features for Real Estate

  • Deal Underwriting, Asset Management: Create granular property or portfolio acquisition underwriting and debt financing models with full data traceability and transparency; create lease-up and deal flow assumption sets; conduct advanced scenario modelling in real time to assess acquisition impact on returns and distributions
  • Enhanced Asset and Portfolio Analytics: Workflow-based data aggregation and validation from disparate sources; configurable rules-based engine and financial validations (Trial Balance etc.); non-financial metric aggregation and analysis
  • Connected Property Budgeting, Forecasting and Long Term Planning: Fully integrated annual budgeting and planning processes; real-time variance analysis with full transparency; continuous rolling re-forecast with look-through for any time period; immediate impact analysis of changes from source systems; support for top-down driver based planning as well as bottom up or zero baed methodologies
  • Development Feasibility: Create multiple development scenarios and model against the baseline BAU scenario; impact analysis of actual expenditure and lease-up over the life of the development; break out incremental NOI value of development by line item versus market forces impact on static state asset performance
  • Operations Planning: Enhanced CapEx, OpEx and service charge planning and allocations; real-time reporting on variances with drill-through and narratives; rolling multi-year CapEx planning; integrated Project Portfolio Management capabilities
  • Property Portfolio Planning: Create ad hoc portfolios by asset type, geography, strategic, etc.; stress txt based on top line driver changes across an entire portfolio in seconds (changes in LIBOR, yields, sub-market MLAs, incentives or other factors); conduct M&A impact analysis with multiple side-by-side scenarios
  • Property Valuation: Calculate accurate capital valuations; predict portfolio profitability by forecasting revaluations based on future cashflow; tailored valuation methodologies based on local standards (DCF in US; equivalent yield in UK etc.)
  • Fund, Waterfall and Enterprise Modelling: Integrated modelling from lease and property through investment structures to ultimate fund or holding entity level; support for complex waterfalls at different tiers of the investment structure; top-down driver based impact analysis; track carried interest for participants
  • Investor Relations: Integrate performance reporting and analytics with enhanced fundraising and deal flow forecasting capabilities and investor territory stratification

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Our Expertise

Certified Implementation Partner: Lionpoint Group is a certified implementation partner for Anaplan, specialising in complex model builds for private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure investment managers. Lionpoint Group leads the project management efforts to align the client’s needs with the functionality of the Anaplan, including designing data flows and integrations with other internal solutions

Proof of Concepts and Prototype models: Our Anaplan team can take your existing spreadsheet and build them into working Anaplan models, whether to test the power of the platform or to create new working applications

Apps & Accelerators: Lionpoint Group has built accelerator apps to provide a springboard for alternative investment managers and investors. These include a private equity theoretical waterfall model, fund of fund and directs portfolio analytics and a real estate budget and forecasting model

Integrations with other systems: e.g. Investran, eFront, IPREO, VTS, Yardi Voyager, Argus Enterprise and more

Ongoing support & Managed Services: Whilst Anaplan enables business users to control and build models themselves (free of needing third party developers), Lionpoint Group is able to provide support for model best practice, complex model builds and ongoing managed services.