Nick Moore, Executive Director & Co-Founder of Lionpoint Group will be presenting at RealComm 2019. Nick will be moderating a seminar examining “Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions (CFPAS) – Beyond Budgeting”. CFPAS tools are gaining traction in the CRE industry as a logical step up from Excel modeling and laborious manual processes. It’s no wonder since annual targets are often obsolete within the first 120 days—some as early as January 1st following the budget process! In this session, we’ll explore multiple solutions in the upper right Gartner Magic Quadrant designed for integrated business planning, continuous forecasting, transparency, performance, and analysis. You’ll see the major differences between what has traditionally been done in Excel to art of the possible for Executive Dashboards, Strategic Planning, Fund Modeling, Asset & Portfolio Planning, Revenue & Expense Projections, and more.