As the private markets continue to be flooded with data, understanding the impact of data strategy, business intelligence, and where technology fits in, is essential to staying ahead. Join Bison, Hamilton Lane and Lionpoint Group for an intimate discussion on how business intelligence technology and a well-planned digital data strategy can empower decision-making across your organization. The event will feature a panel of GPs and LPs, presentations from Hamilton Lane and Bison, and an exclusive demonstration of new technology from Cobalt.

The agenda:

  • Digital data strategy and decision-making in the private markets – Michael Roth, CFA, VP of Research at Cobalt
  • GP & LP Panel: Data & technology in action with panelists:
    • Taz Katira – Principal, Fund Investment Team, Hamilton Lane
    • Chris Davison – Partner, Investor Relations, Permira
    • Nick Moore – Co-Founder & Executive Director, Lionpiont Group
  • Hamilton Lane’s approach to data aggregation and analysis – Taz Katira
  • Cobalt Technology Demonstration – Dave Backman, Director of Sales at Cobalt

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