Lionpoint Group’s Enterprise Performance Management (“EPM”) practice has launched three new Anaplan Apps on the Anaplan App Hub. The Private Equity and Real Estate Apps provide accelerator models for our clients, enabling them to leverage a pre-built model and customise the requirements to their own processes, workflows, reporting requirements and data integration needs. Anaplan’s App Hub has over 200 apps created on the platform by Anaplan itself, industry partners, and customers.

Lionpoint Group’s Apps include:

Private Equity Theoretical Waterfall App takes a feed of investor contributions and distributions (from source systems Investran, FrontInvest or equivalent) and calculates a distribution waterfall. The waterfall is made up of return of capital, preferred return, GP/LP catch-up and carried interest. This model can be extended to the Investment level as well. Scenario modeling includes flexes on preferred return rate, catch-up and carry splits, as well as a holdback provision on investor distributions, in cash or percentage terms. Further information can be found here.

Private Equity Portfolio Monitoring for Fund of Funds and Secondaries App takes data from source systems (FIS Investran, eFront Invest, iLevel, Salesforce and / or Excel) and gives the end user the ability to analyze all key financial, operational and performance data of the fund. The model allows users to determine exposure across industry sectors and geographies, and view data easily in one centralized platform. The model produces key statistics such as ROI, DPI, TPVI, and IRR for underlying funds investments and their portfolio companies / properties. The dashboards and visualization allows for firm management and investment analysts to answer critical questions from investors and management to prepare insights and analytics for use across the firm. Further information can be found here.

Real Estate Budget & Forecast Model App takes a feed of tenancy/rent roll data from source systems, adds your assumptions (on inflation, rental value growth, void periods/downtime, future lease lengths, incentive packages etc.) and forecasts future income and expenditure over the short and long term. This is a bottom-up model with top-down driver based sensitivity modelling. All assumptions can be overridden at segment, property, unit or lease level, and can be flexed globally for the purpose of scenario modelling. This model can be integrated with Lionpoint Group’s Real Estate Portfolio & Fund Performance Forecast model to produce an integrated property portfolio performance forecast including debt and fund-level attributes, modelling how various factors affect your portfolio’s future capital growth, income return and total return. Further information can be found here.