Complex busines transformations, IT and infrastructure programs have great potential to deliver value but often fall short.  Program and project management is about helping you deliver outcomes that protect, optimize and, most importantly, deliver positive results.

Lionpoint Group supports change and transformation programs; providing an integrated view across your whole portfolio of initiatives or of a single project at every stage.  From tailored planning and organization of your projects to implementation, we will help you monitor and sustain results.

Transformational & Change Project Management

We provide expert solutions for effectively transitioning individuals, teams and organizations to a desired future state in order to maximize user acceptance of the transformation involved.

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Program and Project Management

Our project management service entails planning, organizing, motivating, documenting, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals.

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Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Launching projects and initiatives to drive revenue and attain business value is common practice, but less so is proper implementation of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to decide on which projects to undertake then execute and monitor, in order to realize strategic objectives.  When done correctly, PPM focuses effort on aligning corporate strategy with proper project execution.

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