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Many businesses struggle with the complexities of data organization and management whether it is  “Big Data” or day-to-day data management.  Transforming business operations and implementing effective supporting technologies is part of the solution, however having a robust and intuitive way to aggregate data from disparate internal and external sources and present it in a meaningful way is essential to streamline decision making processes.

Like any market commodity, the multiple perspectives, complexity, volume and variety of asset management information requires rigorous data management to drive consistent and relevant information.

A common complaint across front, middle and back office is the difficulty to access, organize and present data in response to ad hoc queries as well as satisfying reporting requests that continue to gain in complexity.  While the data is often available it is not in a consumable format (such as being in a PDF, scan or spreadsheet) or it is not easy to locate.

At Lionpoint Group we help clients manage their data and turn it into usable information.  This often starts with development of a data governance program and once a formal program is implemented, the states of maturity that data and resulting context begin to evolve to become a visible and reliable asset to the organization – Data, Information Knowledge and finally Insight.

Lionpoint Group has considerable experience working with vendor solutions to optimize reporting and information management for clients.  Our reporting specialists have undertaken a variety of BI and data visualization assignments, including reporting strategies, creation of custom datamarts or cubes to aggregate and organize data, and optimization of dashboards, static and dynamic reports.  More recently multi-asset clients (GPs and LPs) have been consolidating their reporting from across multiple source solutions into corporate standard BI platforms such as Tableau, QlikView, Microsoft solutions and other industry leading applications.

Lionpoint Group has produced a Data Governance Point of View document that is available by requesting it from our Contact page and including Data Governance Point of View as the subject.

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