Lionpoint Group is completely independent yet maintains ongoing product expertise through training and certification as well as knowledge sharing programs with our vendor partners.

A critical part of any business transformation is the selection and implementation of enabling technologies that can both support the target state business operating model and also work well together to enable data transitions from one business process or function to the next.  In some cases a System Proof of Concept will be undertaken as part of the final selection process.

Business Requirements, System Proof of Concept & Selection

The goal of a successful system selection is to achieve alignment between the business requirements of your organization and functionality of the software. Understanding what business process and practices need to change to get the most out of a new software application is critical, as is maintaining a flexible mindset so as not to create roadblocks and downstream business challenges.

Although our approach will vary depending on the specific needs of our client, the core steps below are followed, often including a Proof of Concept, with regular business validation checkpoints along the way:

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Requirements Definition

Functional requirements definition includes documenting the primary business needs and drilling down to a level of detail to enable mapping to specific software applications. During the development of requirements, we strive to find ways to improve the company’s operations and begin the consensus-building process.

As a result of our Alternative Investment industry specialization, we have developed a methodology and set of accelerator tools that allow us to perform a requirements study efficiently. Our team has a true front-to-back office perspective of the business and technology domains of alternative investments from both the general partner and limited partner vantage point that produces clearly defined detailed requirements in an efficient manner.

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Software Analysis, Proof of Concept and Selection

Companies in the alternative investment arena of all sizes can take advantage of packaged software for a variety of applications. With our industry expertise, we have in-depth knowledge of alternative investment fund structures, legal agreements and fund administration process coupled with an understanding of the software to clearly assess the how well each solution fits the requirements of the organization.

A Proof of Concept provides a high level understanding of the requirements and features needed for your organization. Check points and review along the way allows you to confirm or edit the requirements early in the process to ensure a vivid validation that their needs will be met by the final product you are looking to purchase. These checkpoints can help to reduce redundant loops that slow down development and insure your initiative is delivered on time. Our team is well versed in translating limited partnership agreements, subscriptions documents, investment strategies and investor relationships into system requirements to ensure upfront whether a system will effectively meet the needs of your organization.

Our knowledge of the market and ‘lessons learned’ also enables us to assist in vendor contract negotiations to ensure an amicable and workable contract for both the client and supplier, something that becomes very important if issues arise down the track.

Solution Configuration and Implementation

We have extensive experience in managing the implementation of enterprise and point package solutions across the Alternative Investments lifecycle. Our team includes specialists in CRM and Investor Management, Deal Flow and Fundraising, Investment Operations (partnership accounting), and Business Intelligence and Data Visualization.  We have supported clients through the entire process of solution selection, sourcing and the implementation of the selected solution. We leverage our industry knowledge and business, technical and project delivery capabilities to help our clients successfully implement new solutions. Our teams ensure each implementation follows our rigorous implementation methodology.

We believe that with a combination of our rapid implementation platform and our alternative investment industry experience, we will define the scope and design of the overall system. We have illustrated the entire methodology for reference purposes but we treat each implementation differently based on the scope and circumstances. As a successful implementation partner, Lionpoint Group has a structured process that will ensure that your software platform takes advantage of industry best practices. Lionpoint Group’s implementation methodology is broken down into five main process points, namely: Scope, Design, Configure, Go Live, and Optimize.

Based on the many successful projects Lionpoint Group’s team has undertaken, we have developed a set of templates and toolsets to assist project teams in executing future engagements.  These include functional requirements for front, middle and back office, Level 2 process maps for GPs and LPs based on different investment structures, financial and operating data aggregation templates for all core asset classes (PE, RE, Infrastructure, Fund of Funds), and a suite of reporting templates for both fund/portfolio level as well as transparent investment or asset level reports.  For real estate in particular, these represent industry best practices across core (office, retail, industrial, hospitality, multi family) and specialized (resort, student housing, healthcare) asset classes.

Our aim is to foster long term partnerships with our clients. We have a managed services offering to support any report development, upgrades, new business or regulatory requirements, training or general issue resolution that may arise over time. Our product support teams have first-hand knowledge of the various technology platforms and fund administration functions and processes in the marketplace to assist with:

  • Management of software upgrades
  • Onboarding of new funds, investments and investors with associated modeling and reporting requirements
  • Data cleansing and migration services
  • Report and dashboard development and optimization
  • Waterfall modeling, both hypothetical and realized
  • Functionality extensions to support growth and changes in client’s business models
  • New hire training on the configured platform
  • Augmenting staff with qualified professionals during busy periods or one-off situations

We are certified implementation experts with the following vendors and solutions:



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