• Who We Serve

General Partners – Fund and Asset Managers

Lionpoint Group has extensive experience transforming the front to back office operations of global fund and investment managers and advisors.  We have successfully led clients through expansion and business transformation, process optimization and redesign, front to back office system selection and implementation, regulatory and compliance initiatives, technology usage and reporting optimization, and an array of business intelligence and data visualization initiatives.  Domain expertise includes Private Equity, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Commodities, Directs, and Fund of Hedge Funds.  Our team consists of industry professionals with deep hands-on expertise in the leading industry software solutions for Investor Management and CRM, Deal Flow and Fundraising, Portfolio & Investment Management and Accounting, Investor Reporting and Portals, and Data Visualization.

Limited Partners – Institutions, Pensions, Sovereigns, Trusts/Endowments, Family Offices

Limited Partners are under increasing pressure from regulators and their clients to demonstrate a thorough duty of care from manager assessment and the operational due diligence process through investment selection, manager and investment reporting (quarterly or monthly), investment accounting, performance and fee analysis and benchmarking, risk assessment and management, compliance and regulatory reporting.  Global demands for greater transparency have meant that more complex questions are being asked regarding risk and exposure, requiring LPs to collect and manage vast amounts of data on both the fund and investment/asset level.  An ongoing lack of standards in the way data is shared between GPs and LPs as well as the vastly different levels of influence based on the position in the fund or deal mean LPs spend an inordinate amount of time aggregating and trying to normalize data.  Larger LPs are doing more direct and separate account deals where there is more control over reporting from managers and need the processes and tools to convert the data into meaningful decision-making information.

Family Offices have another layer of complexity with operational requirements such as partner transfers, cascading, GRATs and CLATs, tax owners and grantor reporting.  In addition Family Offices generally want to see all investments – traditional liquid as well as alternatives – on one portfolio management platform, not to mention wanting different views or dashboards by family member!  Reporting is therefore more complex.