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This product supports the real estate investment asset class for managers (GPs), investors (LPs), and Operations (Asset Managers and 3rd Party Operators). This “middle-office” solution delivers BI capabilities built on a structured data model for data collection, validation, normalization and governance for performance reporting and analytics.

Lionpoint Group’s Portfolio Monitoring, Compliance & Reporting Service team has direct Voyanta product experience working with managers and investors. We offer an array of services around the Voyanta solution supporting clients in addressing their requirements for greater transparency into underlying portfolios and real estate investments.

Voyanta Graphic                                                                          (Source: Voyanta)

Voyanta Implementation Services

We work closely with the Voyanta technical team and our clients to support them through a Voyanta implementation from project planning and business process optimization to information flow analysis for managers, investors, and operating partners. It’s all about the data – identifying and aggregating all disparate sources into a structured, normalized single source of truth. Through data governance, business rules, and investment hierarchies the data is then levered for internal and investor reporting and Business Intelligence analytics through report and dashboard design, development, testing, and onboarding support.

Project Management:

Our project managers draw upon prior Voyanta experience to help our client manage the project and mitigate risks, including:

  • Creating an environment of collaboration between team members (vendor, client, consultant) all aligned to one objective – a successful project delivery
  • Work with the business and stakeholders to ensure definition of complete and accurate business requirements at the start of the project with appropriate checks and balances (as requirements and priorities will change)
  • Project oversight and risk management are designed to ensure that project activities are managed, controlled, coordinated, supervised, and focused on the goals and objectives of the project

Business Analysis and Data Collection:

Very often clients are thin on resources available to dedicate themselves to a full deployment project – our BAs are an extension of the client team and provide a collaborative and critical resource to ensure the project stays on track and has the greatest chance of success. We support our client’s team with business analysts who know both the product and our client’s business and undertake essential project tasks like the following:

  • Conduct system requirements and configuration to align with improved operating model leveraging Voyanta.
  • Upload historical data through the Voyanta data submission, validation and approval process.  Voyanta has mapped to several leading property management systems through their data submission templates (DSTs) for easy integration.
  • Support Voyanta’s data model, collection and validation process through ongoing recurring data submission templates.
  • Strict data governance, validation, and business rules ensure clean data is approved before being uploaded into the product data store.
  • Leverage down to Lease level tenant information with Voyanta’s Integration with
    Argus Enterprise

Reporting Design and Configuration:

The Voyanta platform is extremely flexible, leaning that a vast array of online dashboards, QlikView and Excel Add-in Reports can be configured to meet the ever changing needs of GPs, LPs, Asset Managers, and other user groups. Understanding the Voyanta platform capabilities is critical to helping client’s determine the most appropriate internal and external reporting strategy for their business and building out dashboards and reports with the right levels of flexibility. Reporting functions include:

  • Determining reporting requirements and strategy to meet the needs of all business stakeholders (GPs, LPs, IR, Operations)
  • Lever Voyanta’s library of standard reports and or create new custom reports
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis with Voyanta’s Excel Add-In
  • As part of the Altus Group, conduct to powerful performance benchmarks with Voyanta
  • Leverage best practices with other clients through our partnership with Voyanta.

About Voyanta

Founded in London, UK in 2012, Voyanta serves global customers, including some of the world’s largest real estate investment managers and lenders. Voyanta is a wholly owned subsidiary of Altus Group LTD

Voyanta’s real estate database and analytics software is designed to meet the specific needs of real estate investors and lenders. Voyanta consolidates data from multiple source systems, helps avoid potentially costly mistakes with powerful data verification, and provides comprehensive, flexible reporting for discovering new insights. (Source: Voyanta)


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