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Portfolio Asset Management (AssetEye) supports the real estate investment asset class for real estate executives, portfolio and asset management owners, advisors, and asset managers. This “middle-office” solution delivers BI capabilities built on a structured data model for data collection and validation for performance reporting and analytics.

Lionpoint Group’s Portfolio Monitoring, Compliance & Reporting Service team has direct AssetEye product experience working with managers and investors. We offer an array of services around the PAM (AssetEye) solution supporting clients in addressing their requirements for greater transparency into underlying portfolios and real estate investments.

PAM (AssetEye) Implementation Services

Lionpoint Group provides full end to end AssetEye implementation services including project planning and management, business analysis and design, product configuration, report/dashboard design and build, and data aggregation and operating partner
onboarding support.

Project Planning and Management:

Our project managers draw upon prior AssetEye experience to help our client manage the project and mitigate risks, including:

  • Coordinate work effort through collaboration between team members (vendor, client, consultant) all aligned to one objective – a successful project delivery
  • Project oversight and risk management are designed to ensure that project activities are managed, controlled, coordinated, supervised, and focused on the goals and objectives of the project

Work with the business and stakeholders to ensure definition of complete and accurate business requirements at the start of the project with appropriate checks and balances (as requirements and priorities will change)

Business Analysis and Core Configuration:

Our business analysts are an extension of the client team and provide a collaborative and critical resource to ensure the project stays on track and has the greatest chance of success. We support our client’s team with business analysts who know both the product and our client’s business.  During the Business Analysis phase we will define and configure a common reporting architecture to align with an improved operating model leveraging AssetEye.  Core configuration includes the definition and analysis of:

  • A common chart-of-accounts to normalize financial reporting across asset classes
  • The information requirements of the asset classes held in the portfolio
  • User roles and information access requirements
  • Identify information sources and collection frequencies

Report and Dashboard Design:

The AssetEye platform is extremely flexible, with a vast array of standard online dashboards, reports and charts.  Understanding AssetEye’s capabilities is critical to helping clients determine the most appropriate reporting strategy for their business.  Using the requirements defined in the analysis phase we can configure the system to meet the ever changing needs of GPs, LPs, Asset Managers, and other user groups.  Reporting functions include:

  • Determining reporting requirements and strategy to meet the needs of all business stakeholders (GPs, LPs, IR, Operations)
  • Leverage AssetEye’s library of standard reports that includes everything from basic financials, variance analysis, operating metrics and trends and extend where required
  • Design and configure dashboard charts, graphs and layouts.
  • Leverage best practices with other clients through our partnership with AssetEye.

Data Aggregation and Operating Partner Onboarding:

AssetEye allows for the timely collection of asset and JV data with tracking and oversight.  Most data in asset eye will be collected through reporting packages.  Packages represent organized data collection steps that can be scheduled periodically.  Data imported through a package is translated and normalized for internal reporting.  Procedures for package data collection will be developed and tailored to each Partner based on the type and timing of information to be provided.

  • Design data collection procedures
    • Define reporting packages specific to the types of information to be collected
    • Define workflows to guide partners through the data collection process
    • Design automated integration procedures (optional)
  • Onboard Partners
    • Setup user accounts and access
    • Design partner specific data profiles
    • Provide Partner training

About RealPage PAM (AssetEye)

Portfolio Asset Management is a leading reporting and collaboration software solution for real estate investment firms and management professionals.

PAM’s mission is simple: Promote the use of new technologies in real estate, harnessing the web to bring efficiencies to that industry. Develop best-of-breed software tools recognized for high performance, flexibility, ease-of-use, and adherence to open standards.

AssetEye Inc. was acquired by RealPage (NASDAQ: RP) in 2016 and rebranded Portfolio Asset Management.

Portfolio Asset Management collects and reports property financials, budgets, and forecasts, leasing and other operating statistics, deal and leasing pipelines, capital budgets, loan details, documents, and much, much more.
Portfolio Asset Management is designed specifically for real estate investment firms and asset management professionals, with tools that support the relationships, reporting, and diverse technology unique to those firms.
Portfolio Asset Management works with any property accounting system, and with its real-time alerts, workflow management, and intuitive browser-based interface, it’s the industry’s most powerful real estate portfolio reporting solution.
Portfolio Asset Management provides a secure environment for sharing information with operating partners, investors, property managers, and brokers. Users see only those properties to which they’ve been granted access.

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