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About Preqin Solutions

Preqin Solutions, formerly Baxon Solutions, delivers market-leading cloud collaboration software for streamlining the entire portfolio management process, including monitoring, management and reporting of investment performance. The platform automates compilation, analysis and exchange of a portfolio’s financial information.

The Solution

Offering a fresh perspective for private equity firms wishing to streamline their existing portfolio management process and infrastructure, Preqin Solutions modules include:

  • Monitoring
  • Valuation
  • Fund analyzer
  • LP reporting

Preqin Solutions is now fully integrated with Preqin performance data to allow custom benchmarking against over 8,500 private capital funds. Users can also benchmark performance relative to public markets using our PME engine, incorporating LN, KS, PME+ and Direct Alpha PME Methodologies in addition to leading public indices.

The platform is designed to manage portfolios across a wide range of asset classes and investment strategies: traditional buyouts, venture capital, infrastructure and more. So far it has helped in reporting information for more than 1,500 companies worldwide and clients exceeding $180 billion in assets under management.

Key features

  • Portfolio monitoring: Financials, KPIs, narrative, covenant tracking.
  • Valuations meeting EVCA, FAS 157, IPEV guidelines among others.
  • Integrated with Preqin Data, giving you the ability to benchmark your performance against private or public markets
  • Aggregation for portfolio level reporting with slice & dice capabilities.
  • Deal flow management.
  • File repository for archiving documentation.
  • Access and modify key information from any type of smartphones and tablets.
  • Personal dashboards.
  • Complete traceability and audit trails.
  • Sensitivity
  • Live linked Excel – birectional integration
  • Automatic reminder and approval workflows.
  • No need to install additional software or add ins to access or modify reports.
  • Fully and seamlessly integrated with all legacy systems



Preqin Solutions system streamlines the entire portfolio reporting process, from portfolio company data collection, to printing, exporting and distributing reports in one click.

Data quality and transparency

The increasing need for transparency demands a more reliable and consistent source of information from portfolio companies. The system offers specific features designed to increase transparency in the reporting process and grant consistency of data.

Visibility of company performance

Leverage our web-based technology to provide users with an interactive business intelligence tool. Create intuitive dashboards on the fly, drill down into metrics and use dynamic graphs and analytical tools to better understand trends.

Accessibility and collaboration

Access a timely single source of truth for all portfolio information, from anywhere at anytime, even from your mobile phone, and without the need to install any software.

How it works

Data Gathering: Update financial and operating information directly in real time through a secure internet connection. The system will maintain your reporting structure.

Analysis and Reporting: Create dynamic dashboards and reports with key indicators, graphs, traffic lights and alerts. Designed with Excel at its core, existing spreadsheets can be linked to the system database, enabling ad hoc reporting and modelling.

Collaboration and Distribution: Build dashboards, share online reports and distribute templates both internally and with your LPs and stakeholders

Third Party Integration: Fully agnostic API, allows data integration with existing legacy systems and external data sources.



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  • 100% cloud based – Software as a Service
  • Global footprint: Clients in UK, Europe, Middle East, North America, Latin America, India and South East Asia.
  • Middle Market focused
  • Preqin family company
  • Integrated with PREQIN data
  • Users: GPs – Partners; Deal teams, Financial teams, IR teams-. Fund of Funds, LPs
  • Modular and Scalable
  • Pay as you use
  • Excel fully integrated
  • ESG compliant

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