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FIS (SunGard) Investran is an integrated private equity software suite that automates front-, middle- and back-office processes for private equity firms, including general partners, limited partners, service providers, fund of funds and family offices. Covering the entire investment life cycle, Investran offers accounting, relationship management and partnership accounting functionality.

Lionpoint Group offers an array of services around the Investran product suite.

Investran Implementation Services

We work with our clients to gain an understanding of their processes, procedures and current environment. At that point we support them through the entire Implementation lifecycle, including solution design, data migration, report development, testing, training and final go live.

Project Management:

Our project managers and consultants have extensive knowledge of the Investran suite of products and provide value to our clients by effectively managing everything that goes along with a full scale implementation.

  • Creating an environment of collaboration by aligning team members FIS (SunGard) Engineers and Consultants, Client, Lionpoint team member) to one objective – a successful project delivery
  • Working with the business and stakeholders to ensure clearly defined and accurate business requirements at the commencement of the project while incorporating appropriate checks and balances to maintain flexibility throughout its completion
  • Steering project oversight and risk management to ensure that project activities are managed, controlled, coordinated, supervised, and focused on the goals and objectives of the project

Business Analysis and Data Migration:

Often clients lack the available resources to dedicate themselves to a full implementation project. Our Business Analysts are an extension of the client team and provide a critical resource to ensure the project remains on course within budget while maintaining the greatest chance of success.  We support our client’s team with Business Analysts who know both the product and our client’s business and undertake essential project tasks such as the following:

  • Documenting all design decisions and business process reorganization – We assess your existing environment and, leveraging Investran, will provide narrative and flows complete with controls to mitigate risks and achieve value-adding efficiencies
  • Developing and executing test plans – We will ensure an end product that complies with your requirements with vigorous review. Testing applies to the development of new automations (such as a new AT or Business Event), allocation rules and software upgrades
  • Supporting the Data Migration process – From raw data cleansing to population of data import templates we will leverage Investran’s powerful and flexible Data Import Utility to effectively replicate your historical books and records and ultimately test the data in your new environment

Investran Upgrades:

When it comes to staying abreast of changes to the FIS (SunGard) Investran product suite, many companies fall behind due to the demands of their day-to-day operations and fears of reconciliations and end user training.  However the upgrades contain valuable functional and efficiency benefits that can really help relieve the strains on business operations. We understand this dilemma and have assisted many companies with version upgrades.  Some of the specific activities we provide to minimize risks and help ensure a smooth transition include:

  • Working with our clients to explain the new capabilities and ascertain how these would impact the business. If there are major changes (such as the move from V6 to 7) we help identify procedural opportunities as well
  • Once a new software version is released we assess your current business requirements against the new features and functionality of the upgrade. This is used as a basis to make a decision to move forward with the upgrade or hold off for a future release
  • During the upgrade process we will work with our clients and FIS (SunGard) to ensure that the technical conversion is successfully conducted and will provide support for or ownership of the data migration
  • Once the upgrade is complete in your UAT environment we create and execute a set of test plans that cover all core business processes to ensure current functionality has been unaffected, reports are working as expected and that functionality included in the upgrade is working as designed
  • Run before and after report snapshots in order to make sure that all data has been converted properly and that your reports are still functional
  • With the new functionality in mind, create flows of key processes to create efficiencies and mitigate errors in your workflow
  • Develop and execute training on the new functionality to key stakeholders

Report Development:

Our experienced consultants are effective at designing, developing, testing and rolling out reporting solutions which cover our client’s managerial and investor needs. FIS (SunGard) Investran uses Report Wizard, a very flexible database query tool, for the basis of all reporting. Through the FIS (SunGard) Investran Suite of products we can achieve:

  • Automated production and delivery of Investor Statements, Letters, Financial Statements, and Notices, including ILPA compliant Investor reporting
  • Ad-Hoc managerial reporting
  • Customized IRR, Schedule of Investments, Carry Summary, Partners Capital Roll-forward, etc.
  • Any of these types of reports can be developed by resources using: SSRS, Crystal, Excel OLE DB, Word, and Tableau


Adapt Investran to follow the evolution of your organization

  • Automate Calculations – Implement complex calculations (e.g. waterfall, management fees, loan programs, fee waivers) to avoid off-line / manual schedules
  • Tax Accounting Books – Implement Tax (or other) accounting basis into your Investran environment.
  • Post Implementation Optimization – Validate & Optimize your Investran configuration (e.g. fund structure, allocation, automations, accounting model, and hierarchies) to foster a lean and scalable platform.
  • Investran Upgrade – Support clients through the entire upgrade process to employ new functionality and thoroughly test existing configuration and reports. Take advantage of the latest and greatest functionality following each upgrade.
  • Leverage ATs and ARs – Configure the existing suite of Active Templates / Allocation Rules to your environment or create new ATs / ARs to streamline events
  • Integrations with other systems – e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Concur, MRI, Netage Dynamo

Products include:

Investran Data Exchange
Investran Insight

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